Garfield Kennedy

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Parking Problems in Mendip

Garfield Kennedy Parking Survey

Garfield Kennedy asking local resident Anne Miller about the confusing parking signage in the Great Ostry Car Park next to the High Street



Shepton Mallet suffers from low footfall in the bottom of the town, and needs at the very least one hour of free parking – preferably 2 hours free – in all its adjacent Mendip District Council owned car parks.  At the top of the town – the extensive Tesco and Haskins car parks provide absolutely free parking for 2 hours (and more for those who can get away with it since these car parks are not rigorously patrolled). The disincentive to use the bottom of the town is considerable and utterly unfair to retailers.

On the one hand, we have all the time, energy and costs of attracting Wall to Wall TV to the town to make a primetime series about shopping.  On the other hand, we are driving customers and visitors away from the bottom of the high street by an illogical parking regime.

(Picture: Eleanor Barns-Graham)