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by Garfield Kennedy on 10 May, 2011

Garfield Kennedy & Sue Cook celebrate success at local elections

The Lib Dem team in Shepton and Pilton would like to thank all their supporters who voted for them in last week’s election and those who joined our campaign assisting with canvassing, stakeboards and the distribution of information leaflets.  All of us as candidates appreciated the opportunity of meeting people on the doorstep and welcomed the suggestions offered for how to improve the town and villages.

Bucking the national trend, here in Shepton and in the Croscombe & Pilton Ward, the Lib Dem team held our recent gains and even expanded our popular support.  Those of us who have been privileged to be elected now look forward to working pro-actively with other Councillors and members of the community to maintain and improve services.

As our new District Councillor, Sue Cook will be working hard to effectively represent all of Shepton and looks forward to the new challenges ahead.  As campaigners and councillors, all of us are committed to working together for a better Shepton.

Chantal Allison, Bob Champion, Sue Cook, Garfield Kennedy, Martin Lovell, Robin Scott, Neil Shearn, Richard Varley and Sarah Yong

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