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Big swing to Lib Dems from both Conservatives and Labour

by Garfield Kennedy on 29 October, 2010

Tessa Munt MP and Tom Buckley

A Conservative may have won the Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton Ward by-election last Thursday – but it’s no triumph!

In the rural ward of Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton, Conservative Maxine Oxford originally won the seat (and lost it by not turning up for 6 months), with 345 more votes than her nearest rival candidate (a Lib Dem).  This time that lead was slashed by a factor of nearly 7!   The Tory scraped in with just 51 more votes than Lib Dem Tom Buckley, and the Conservatives were noticeably muted at the announcement of the results of the poll in Binegar Memorial Hall on election night.

The Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton by-election result represents a swing of 13.5% from the Tories to the Lib Dems – and an additional swing of 8.25% from Labour to the Lib Dems.  This compares well to the recent Shepton West by-election voting pattern in July 2010.  In fact, it’s an almost exact rerun.  I took the seat from the Tories in Shepton for the Lib Dems with a swing of 12.8% from the Tories and 8.9% from Labour.  If these percentages were to be matched across Mendip next May (when there all wards are up for election) the Lib Dems would have an overall majority of 10 or more seats in the Council.

Picture above of Tessa Munt MP and Lib Dem candidate Tom Buckley

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