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Great Candidate for By-Election in Ashwick, Chilcompton & Stratton

by Garfield Kennedy on 26 September, 2010

Tom Buckley

26 year old politics graduate Tom Buckley is the winning Lib Dem candidate for the forthcoming by-election to replace yet another Tory drop-out.  Tom is standing in the Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton Ward just north of Shepton Mallet to replace Tory Maxine Oxford who was thrown out for non-attendance at any Council meetings.  Tom attended school and grew up and still lives in Chilcompton in the heart of the ward.  Tessa Munt MP has given our local candidate her full support.  Others standing: Roger Anderson (Lab) from Gurney Slade, Steven Priscott (Con) from Oakhill and Chris Britton (Green) from Wells.  The election takes place on October 21st.

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