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Tory Mendip – One of the Worst Councils in the South West

by Garfield Kennedy on 30 August, 2010

The Conservatives have a stranglehold on every aspect of local government in Mendip and Shepton Mallet.  There is a serious democratic deficit in our town and they are taking our residents for granted.  I’m sure we’ve all had enough of the council tax we pay disappearing into a black hole and getting very little in return.

The Liberal Democrats in Mendip are now equal in number to the Conservatives, yet these Tories still are clinging onto power by their fingernails.  Their record here is nothing short of abysmal.

Last year Mendip District Council was independently rated. Mendip’s score was a 1 – the lowest possible score a Council can get.

It means Mendip is an organisation that did not meet minimum requirements and performs poorly. This result makes Mendip one of the worst councils in the South West. In December 2009, Leader of the Lib Dems on Mendip, Claire Hudson said:

“Unfortunately, the Conservatives have only themselves to blame. This result hasn’t just come out of the woodwork, but is a result of consistent ways of behaving that fly in the face of best practice. Apart from their failures to produce proper policies required of a local authority, the Conservative group have consistently denied a voice to any opposition (nearly half the council).”

In fact – as of this week, when yet another Tory Councillor on Mendip failed to show up for a single meeting in 6 months and was duly thrown out – the 22 Tories are now outnumbered on the Council by the 22 Lib Dems and 2 Independents.

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