Garfield Kennedy

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Allotments for Shepton

Allotment Campaign Poster

The town of Street has amazing allotments with bee keepers, produce producers, flower fanatics, and allotments of all sizes (some huge).  So why has Shepton Mallet not got something similar?

In a town so close to beautiful countryside, we should have allotments for anyone who cares about the environment, wants to grow their own produce or has no garden and wants to potter.  There’s a waiting list of a year or more with hopelessly poor communication to those who apply.  It’s time to set aside town-owned and council-owned land to let others use it better and more productively.

Contact your town councillors (who control allotments and their allocation) and ask them why the provision in Shepton is so limited and stingy. If you can, go and visit the allotments in Street if you want to see what allotments can be like when they are well managed and run.